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Utility Advice and Articles

Utilities are one of those little things that can easily be overlooked when one is moving. Moving into a new city or a new home means having to set up utilities in your new home a few days before you actually move there. It is important to check these details out before hand because you may find that your current provider does not offer the service in the area where you are moving to. It may require a bit of juggling to ensure that disconnection and reconnection of your utilities is done on time. It would be a hassle to move into a house with no gas, electricity, phone, heat etc.

As mentioned earlier, it is not automatic that your current provider will offer services in the area that you are moving to and it would therefore be necessary to do a bit of homework before hand. The area that you are moving to may also have different regulations and set-up processes for utilities. Gathering information about such issues is not very difficult as many state websites offer this information. There is information on all the utility companies that are located in that particular state as well as the services that they provide to their clients.
One of the best resources when one is moving anywhere in the US is www.moving.com , here there is all the information that one could require about moving, moving companies, transferring school and medical records for yourself and your children as well as utility companies and the services that they provide. All you need to do in type in the location where you are moving to and all the information that you may require will be made available to you.

Using this resource, one can find all the utility companies in the area where you are moving to from hydro, gas telephone, heat, internet etc. having access to all this information about utility companies will allow you to make comparisons about the services that they offer as well as the prices that they charge which then allows you to settle for the most suitable utility provider.
To be on the safe side, it is always advisable to contact your new provider at least two weeks before your move. Because you are not sure how long it will take the company to connect all you utilities (some take 3- 5 days while others take as many as 10 days) it is best to give them ample notice to allow them to work. Also when disconnecting your utilities in your old place, most companies will require that you give them at least two weeks notice.

Policies and process will vary from company to company therefore; you have to keep this in mind when applying for the services. Applications are usually submitted online and often you will be required to make a deposit and the utility company may want to run a credit check on you before signing you for their service. This is often the case especially with new consumers i.e. if you do not have a customer record with them. All the information about what the company will require from you can be found on their websites.

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