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Moving Glossary

Having a moving glossary is a good way of understand the terminology used in the moving process and in the moving quote. Knowing these terms could be the difference between losing money in the moving process or saving money. It is particularly important to understand the terms used in the fine print of contracts by moving companies. Most moving companies hide important information such as extra charges and exemption from responsibility when there is a theft or damage to insured belongings with complicated terminologies in the fine print.

There are many places where you can get the moving glossary. One such source is the relevant government agency – here, the information is usually free of charge, but there is a risk that the information might not be up to date. Another source of such information is offline publications, but by far the best source of moving information is online publications.

Online publications are advantageous in that it is possible to get the information conveniently. The internet never closes, meaning it is possible to get the moving information 24/7, all year round. It is also possible to get the moving information from the comfort of your own house, thereby saving a lot of time and energy. Cost advantages are another reason why people are getting their moving glossary online. With the internet, it is possible to compare different websites containing moving information and so it is possible to compare costs. However, care should be taken because not all information is reliable – you must first determine the credibility and reliability of the website. Another advantage is that there is a wide source of moving information since the internet has no boundaries. Privacy is another advantage – this is possible because all relevant information that needs to be mailed is sent to your personal e-mail address.

However, getting a moving glossary from an online source has some disadvantages such as the possibility of identity theft and other cyber crimes. Some people start such websites as fronts for criminal activities and since online transactions are done thorough credit cards, there is risk of identity theft and related crimes. Getting a moving glossary from an online source is also disadvantageous in that the credibility of a website cannot be determined and even things such as customer testimonial and the comment section cannot always be trusted.

Some of the terminologies that you should take note of from the moving glossary include bill of landing which is the receipt for the items being transported and is given by the moving company, carrier, who is the mover doing the actual transporting and expedited service, which is an agreement between you and the mover. Other terminologies to take note of are flight charge, which is an extra charge that you pay when things have to be moved up or down some stairs, inventory, which is a detailed list of detailing the number and condition of household goods and SIT or storage-in-transit, which is temporary warehouse storage of shipment awaiting transportation and many others.