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Getting a Moving Estimate – Factors to Consider

Getting a moving estimate is important when you are moving as it will allow you to determine the actual weight and volume of your items. The following are tips that will help you to get a moving estimate.

One is to understand what a moving estimate is. A moving estimate is a menu of moving services offered by a mover, along with the charges and costs charged by the mover. The estimate is filed with the Transportation department of most states. An estimate usually depends on two main factors; the moving company that you are hiring from and the type of moving service that you are looking for.

When getting a moving estimate, ensure that the estimate is in writing. Ask for guaranteed prices and discounts as this will enable you to save costs. If you are moving interstate, ask the agents of the company that you seek to hire the moving services from for the rules and regulation governing the moving company.

Know your total shipment weight when getting a moving estimate. This is essential as the price that you will be required to pay to the moving company will be dependent on your total shipment weight and the total miles that will be covered during your upcoming move.

Ask the agents of the moving company to break down the extra charges for each service that it is offering prior to getting a moving estimate from it. Some of the charges that you may encounter include packing costs, transportation charges, fuel surcharges, valuation charges and insurance related charges.

You should also consider asking the agents of the moving company for information and literature on the rules and regulations pertaining to the services that the company offers. Also check out the company’s brochure as this will help you to determine your rights and responsibilities when getting moving estimates for your upcoming move.

Ensure that you get your moving quotes from reputed moving companies. A reputable company should be able to inspect your home before providing you with a specific moving quote. Avoid companies that do not offer inspection as these are only out to make money from unsuspecting clients.

Always have the agreement entered into between you and the moving company written down, signed and witnessed by an agent or representative of the moving company. The agreement should feature on a letterhead and should include the name and physical address of the company that is offering you the moving estimate.

Know what exactly you want when searching for a moving estimate. Always provide accurate information to the moving agents as this will help to determine the quality of the services that you receive.

Be sure to ask the agents of the moving company for information about the payment method that they accept from customers. Different companies charge differently for the estimates that they provide. While others accept money orders, others only deal in checks. Clarify the one that will be used by the moving company and avoid being caught unawares.